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5 Ways to Improve the Conversion Rate on Your Website

It can be bittersweet to see significant web traffic, but a lack of promising conversion rate results. Unfortunately, getting visitors to your site is just the beginning of making progress toward a good conversion rate.

A website’s conversion rate is influenced by a variety of factors such as brand trust and credibility, how user-friendly your site is, the relevancy of your web traffic, and more. In order to improve your website’s conversation rate, you must strategically implement tactics to improve these factors.

In this article, you’ll learn 5 proven methods to help increase your website’s conversation rate so you can successfully grow your brand’s profit and customer base.

1. Add More Social Proof (Reviews, Testimonials, Case Studies)

Social proof is powerful and can truly make or break your conversion rate. If you don’t have any social proof currently on your site, this is one simple way to significantly build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Examples of social proof to add to your website to improve your conversion rate include:

  • Customer Reviews: A majority of customers read reviews prior to purchasing a product or service to ensure they aren’t wasting their money. Ensure you add real customer reviews to build trust and showcase all your brand’s raving reviews.

  • Case Studies: Include stories or posts to increase your connection to customers.

  • Notable Brands you’ve worked with: If you’ve worked with recognizable brand names, consider adding a banner to your website to showcase who you’ve worked with.

Ultimately, social proof can significantly improve your brand’s trust and reliability, especially being an online business. Building a sense of authentic trust and connection with your site visitors will help improve your website’s conversion rate.

2. Remove Distracting Content

Eliminate distractions. If you bombard your site visitors with too many pieces of content all at once, they likely will become overwhelmed and won’t convert. Therefore, ensure your website is as user-friendly and clear as possible to avoid any confusion. Ensure your website is easy to navigate, clear and concise, and doesn’t have content trying to lead visitors in a million different directions, as they’ll likely be more inclined to click off your site.

Also, make sure your landing page is clear and concise and directs visitors seamlessly to take action depending on your business’s unique CTA. The last thing you want to do is have your site visitors wander through your site trying to figure out how they can act on your offer.

Some ways to improve your site’s clarity include adding:

  • Engaging, relevant headlines to grab visitor’s attention

  • List out the benefits & features of your product or service

  • Incorporate a separate review/testimonial section that stands out

  • Add visuals to showcase or add to the context of your specific offer

These details will help visitors not only navigate your website more efficiently but provide more digestible content for your visitors to effectively understand your offer and the value your offer provides to the individual

3. Offer a money-back guarantee

Quality is an essential component of selling a product or service online. Inevitably, people are going to be more hesitant to buy something online than in person. Therefore, offering to provide a money-back guarantee incentive (whether unlimited or a set return window), shows visitors that you are confident in the quality of your offer.

This also gives customers peace of mind that worst case scenario, if they don’t like your offer after purchasing it for whatever reason, they can still make a return. Thus, this feeling of being able to return after the fact gives customers peace of mind, and a greater willingness to purchase your offer.

4. Improve your Website Copy

Clear, concise, engaging website copy is critical to improving your conversion rate. Your copy should address your customer’s pain points, explain the features and benefits of your offer, a clear CTA, and address any common questions or concerns customers may have.

Depending on your specific offer will inevitably influence the flow, style, and overall length of your copy. If you are selling a “common” product that most customers are aware of and already knowledgeable about, spend less time talking about what your product is and more time explaining why your product is better than others like it.

Meanwhile, if your offer is a high-ticket item or a less common product or service that your customers may not fully be aware of, then you should spend adequate time addressing concerns and questions customers may have when trying to understand the value behind your offer.

5. Split-Test & Change Accordingly

Test, test, test! Testing is essential in improving your conversion rate. Consider testing different headlines on your landing page. For instance, try different lengths, tones, or styles of your landing page headline to see which headline converts the best.

Another way to test your site is by adding different features to your site to see if they improve your conversion rate. For example, changes you can make to your website include adding:

  • A Pop-Up of a special promotion/discount on your offer

  • A Live-Chat feature

  • Countdown Timer

These features can help build a sense of urgency to act on your offer. Plus, the live chat feature answers any potential lingering questions on the spot, rather than your visitor simply leaving your site because they are confused about your product or service.

Be sure to measure the data of each change you make to fully understand what works, and what doesn’t work. Otherwise, by not accurately measuring the changes you make (one by one), you risk not knowing if the change you made was more or less effective at improving your conversion rate.

Use a Trusted Web Design Agency to Elevate Your Company’s Online Presence

Trust and credibility online are critical to succeeding as an online business. A fundamental component that makes or breaks an online business is how your website looks, and the overall functionality of your site.

Essentially, having a fully functioning and visually appealing website is a prerequisite to improving your website’s conversion rate. If you don’t have a good website that looks visually pleasing, no matter how good your product or service is, your conversion rate will suffer. This is because visitors will judge your brand’s website and associate it with the quality of your offer.

Brand Vision is a team of some of the best web designers that are here to help you create a custom website for your business’s exact needs.

If your website doesn’t look professional or doesn’t function properly, these are major issues that must be addressed to improve your conversion rate.


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