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Our portfolio represents the diverse and versatile nature of the projects that our team has taken on. We always thrive to take on new challenging and unique ventures that let us embrace our creativity. The following is a list of the latest clients that we have worked with and how we helped them bring their vision to life. (18).gif

Pomp and Circumstance

Full website design and development for Pomp and Circumstance, a renowned leading PR agency with a futuristic view and notable clients like Mercedes Benz and Grey Goose.

WINONA Exterior 3_edited.jpg

Winona Park Townhomes

Winona Park Towns is a prestigious complex. Brand Vision helped design and develop the preconstruction website and create the branding assets.

Frame 3656053.png

Titan Flooring

Our team of designers have created a strong representation for Titan Flooring and their services in order to stand out in their industry.

Empress Apparel branding

Empress Apparel

Empress Apparels reached out to our team to create a luxury branding. Their objective has always been to combine historical apparel with the modern world we live in.

Gatta Homes Case study (7).png

Gatta Homes

Web Design and Branding for Gatta Homes,  a full-service custom home construction company based in Niagara-on-the-Lake. (21).gif


Betterwise is a new learning service designed to meet Gen Z learners where they are. We helped them to design their brand-new website.

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 3.18.13 PM.png


TiramiSu is a one-of-a-kind Italian Restaurant located in the heart of New York. It's mainly known for its delicious mouth-watering desserts, especially its tiramisu.

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 3.46.18 PM.png


HUSH is a party like you've never seen before. No more noise complaints from your neighbours or your mom. Party like it's your last one until the end of time. (24).gif

Bonus Track

This project is a custom-developed Webfow website made to stand out for Bonus Track agency. The website features many animations and coded elements. 

Dribbble Portfolio (5).png

Pomp and Circumstance

We designed an elegant and unique website for Pomp and Circumstance PR agency. Their website is made to be eye-catching.

Dribbble Portfolio (14).png

Tenera Pro

Brand Vision has designed a brand new interactive website for Tenera with a modern and professional aesthetic. 

Dribbble Portfolio (17).png

Icon Architects

Brand Vision helped design an amazing website for an architecture firm to perfectly showcase their hige variety of project and services on the best way possible.

Dribbble Portfolio (2).png


Website design and branding for Medeloop, a research and development group based in California.

Dribbble Portfolio (20).png

Joint Seal Waterproofing

Our team of designers has optimized Joint Seal's website to fit perfectly in every screen aspect.

Dribbble Portfolio (19).png

Diamond Realty Developers

The collaboration between Diamond Realty Developers and Brand Vision has resulted in a modern website.

Dribbble Portfolio (15).png

640 Entertainment

Brand Vision Marketing has rebranded and redesigned 640 Entertainment's website. Their new look fits their young audience.

new brand vision website our works page (7).png

Azi and Sam

We have created a custom social media strategy for Azi and Sam to grow their audience and increase their engagement.

Dribbble Portfolio (14).png


Jeemca and Brand Vision have collaborated today to create an eye-catching, responsive website to display their work and impress their clients.

Dribbble Portfolio (17).png

Picasso Painting

Picasso Painting was in need of a brand new website to reach new audiences. Brand Vision completely designed their website from the ground up. 

Dribbble Portfolio (18).png

Absolute Fragrance

We have designed and developed an e-commerce store that you have never seen before. Uniqueness and functionality were the priority when it came to this project.

Untitled design (14).png


Betterwise is an educational platform with interactive and engaging elements, creatively designed by Brand Vision to showcase the vision of the brand.

Untitled design (38).png

AMH Accounting

AMH Accounting is a modern and user-friendly website, updated and redesigned by Brand Vision to create the best conversion rate.

Dribbble Portfolio.png

Gatta Homes

Web Design and Branding for Gatta Homes,  a full-service custom home construction company based in Niagara, ON.

Dribbble Portfolio (24).png

Quick Consols

Modern and simple website for Quick consols financial reporting software.

Dribbble Portfolio (16).png

Pearl Palace

This high-end build and design company had their website fully customized with their work displayed in a parallax effect on their home page.

Dribbble Portfolio (23).png

Kinshasa Lifestyle

Our team of designers has designed the Kinshasa Lifestyle online store.

Dribbble Portfolio (24).png


Our team designed this very bright website for SAI MAI,  a brand new Thai restaurant. The "order now" button lets you order food directly from their site.

new brand vision website our works page (6).png


Brand Vision's team of graphic designers has collaborated with Freshii on their Social Media graphics.

Dribbble Portfolio (16).png

Intuitive Ear

Brand Vision handled everything from designing their beautiful logo, designing their website, to animating a promo video for their advertisements. 

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Dribbble Portfolio (23).png

Neuro Connections

Modern and responsive website for Neuro Connections with a great user journey.

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